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Where can I have my clambake?

Anywhere! This includes private homes, clubhouses, HOA community grounds, churches, recreation centers, certain parks, even off-road excursions. We also have access to several custom estates with beautiful grounds which can accommodate up to 200 guests. Facility fee based upon location.

How about the beach?

California beaches have many restrictions BUT Clambake OC is a preferred vendor at Camp Pendleton where the untouched beaches of So Cal are just waiting for an authentic East Coast Style Clambake. You can choose a very laid back venue on the sand where you can dine on picnic tables to white linens. Your entire venue can be set up where the waves lap up to your feet. Venue charges apply based upon guest count.

What if I want to stay local at an OC beach?

Even if there's no open flames permitted, Clambake OC will deliver this centuries old meal right to the sand, guaranteed steaming hot and fresh, with all the fixins'.

What can I expect on my bake day?

Your meal time will be determined and CBOC will arrive approximately 60 minutes prior. The equipment will be set up, and the giant pots will be fired up. Your cooking area will be roped off for safety reasons. Your “Turn Out Table” will be prepped for the steaming seafood presentation. Staff will begin preparing your feast, freshly done, right on sight. We will try to serve your meal as close to your requested time as possible.

Does Clambake OC cater weddings?

Yes we do! Again, we can tailor your special day to fit your budget and your dreams. Your wedding should reflect your style. Many more weddings are going stress-less and fun. Call and speak with a planner. You and your guests will never forget your wedding and we can dress it up if that’s your call! And Rehearsal Dinners are very popular with this laid back, relaxed setting. Please view our wedding page.

What do you provide?

We supply everything needed to prepare your feast. Your clambake is served in traditional paper baskets. All utensils are plastic and dinnerware for appetizers and salads are paper. In some cases, we can provide the "turn out table", but it's not preferable. We try not to interrupt anyone's party and if there are late comers, some clients want the food left out for extended time. Beyond that, a feast from the bounty of the sea.

Do I have to have my bake in OC?

No. We serve LA, San Diego, all of Camp Pendleton, Riverside, San Bernardino, Coachella Valley and the Inland Empire and there are several public beaches which work as well.

How much room do you need for equipment?

For you and your guest's comfort and safety, we use the driveway at private homes and all other venues are TBD. The giant pots are very hot and burners are noisy, but guests are invited to come watch the action from a safe distance if desired. CBOC needs at least a 3 1/2 foot cleared pathway to party sites.

Where do we eat?

It depends upon the venue. If you’re providing tables and chairs, our staff will be covering all table tops with white butcher paper. This is a very casual meal, and many times, our hosts ask their guests to bring a beach chair. That’s East Coast Style. You can even spread out picnic blankets. For a more formal affair, we can provide additional wait staff and tailor your bake to suit your event.

What do I do for people with shell fish allergies or don’t care for fish?

(Please notify us in advance to allow us to make these special arrangements) We provide 1/2 marinated grilled chicken served with our fresh corn on the cob and potatoes for those who don't care for shellfish. Other special meals can be arranged for those with dietary restrictions including vegetarian: 3 marinated tofu ke-babs with fresh veggies served atop our fresh corn and potatoes. Allergen meals are prepared isolated from seafood or seafood steam and can choose from either of the former. Our clambakes are gluten free and 98% fat free.

How is the meal served?

Your seafood extravaganza will be “turned out” when you hear the bell ring. It’s served in the traditional manner on butcher paper with newspapers to help absorb liquid. If you’re having appetizers, and/or salads, the appetizers will be presented upon arrival, and your salad(s) will be served ½ hour prior to the meal being served. Everything is served buffet style unless otherwise agreed.

Can you handle an entire event (florals, entertainment, etc.)?

Yes. We can work with our or your event/wedding planner to create the exact type of party you wish to create and we'll cater to your every need and desire.

Can I help create my own menu?

Of course. We can do mix and match for shellfish. A clam and mussel bake makes a wonderful meal. And if you’re a crab fan, imported Chesapeake Blue Crabs are an experience all on their own. If you’re on a tighter budget, we suggest the “Low Country Boil” which is pictured, and the only seafood used is shrimp. You can also choose whole lobsters, and steamed crab legs with all the fixins’. (Based on availability/Market Price)

How about drinks?

We can accommodate your drinks as well. Just speak with a party planner.

How do I book my bake?

We recommend that you send your executed contract and deposit ($500.00 non refundable) in as soon as possible in order to secure your date with Clambake OC. Clients are required to provide a major credit card when booking an event. The credit card will be retained and may be used to pay any unpaid balance after the event. All prices are subject to California State Sales Tax and 18% gratuity. Methods of payment- Cash, Personal Check, Visa, MasterCard or Amex. (3% charge on all credit card sales)

What happens in the event of rain?

If you decide to postpone due to rain, please call our office by 9:00 a.m. the previous day. CBOC will do our best to reschedule, but cannot guarantee your rain date any further out than 8 days.

Does Clambake OC carry insurance?

Yes, we have full liability insurance.

What about rubbish?

ClambakeOC inquires as to disposal of hot brine water and rubbish upon arrival. All rubbish from CBOC exclusively is taken with us.