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Your Clambake Crew

“From little guppies GROW BIG FISH.”

We are a family owned business, spawned from a love of good food, and realizing that most Southern Californians have never had the opportunity to partake of this wonderful east coast tradition.

Our owner, Debra Hart was awarded the Bank of America Scholarship for home economics in high school, but also excelled in music and chose that as a major. But that never stopped her from pursuing her other passion for cooking and entertaining. As an active community volunteer, she has run events and catered for over 200 people at a time.

The Story of Clambake OC

“We hosted clambakes for over 8 years for various charitable organizations. Finally the outcry to go from hobbyist to business woman won out, and Clambake OC was born. We use only the freshest seafood, freshly picked vegetables, and our secret seasoning which has won in dozens of taste tests county wide. Our fresh salads are all accompanied by homemade dressings and croutons. Likewise, our desserts are prepared by our in house baker, freshly made the day of your bake.

Our crewmembers are highly trained in food preparation, safety, and expert customer service. Our goal is not only to bring you a delicious meal, but also to provide a truly memorable experience for you and your guests.

We strive to fit the needs and budgets of all our clients.”

This is what we do and why you don’t want to.


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